Join my exclusive group for survivors of sexual trauma.

It's time to move beyond simply surviving. We can do this, together.


Reclaiming Pleasure: The Lab  


I'm currently offering group coaching sessions with the express purpose of creating an intimate space for sharing and reflection. Sometimes the clearest, truest view we can get of ourselves is through the reflection of others. This is particularly true in the beginning stages of healing. 

Group coaching sessions will offer:

  • Individual time in consultation with me
  • An opportunity to connect with peers
  • A shameless space for cultivating authenticity
  • Honest talk about sex and relationships after surviving sexual trauma 

I want to give you the best possible care. In order to do that, I've decided to keep my groups small and exclusive.  Because they're so exclusive, we have a waiting list established...and those on the wait list will get first access to apply for a spot, as well as any available discounts.

Join the Waitlist

A little backstory...


I'm not just a mental health professional, or a talking head - I am genuinely a part of this community.  Take a listen to understand a bit of the heart and inspiration behind Reclaiming Pleasure.

Does a group feel overwhelming?

I totally get it - you're not ready to jump in to a group.  When you're ready, I hope you'll join me...but until then, my book and course are the perfect place to start your journey.

The Book
The Course: Coming Soon