- or perhaps discover for the first time

your best sexual self.


Are you a survivor of sexual trauma? Join me to learn how to move beyond simply surviving to actually living. Learn how to better understand your trauma, build healthy relationships, and so much more.


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I know how you're feeling right now...and I believe you.

Being a survivor is almost impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t walked this path, isn’t it?  We worry our story isn’t bad enough to seek help. We question if in some way it was our fault. We wonder if we’re going crazy, if we’ll lose control, or if we’re beyond help.

My name is Dr. Holly Richmond, and I’ve spent over 14,000 hours working with survivors of sexual trauma. I hold a PhD in Somatic Psychology, am a certified sex therapist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist.

I’m sure you know from your years of surviving, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ cure.  I’m certainly not here to claim that there is, but I do know the foundations you must unearth and explore to begin the journey toward healing. It’s based on a protocol developed from years of both research and practice. 

Reclaiming Pleasure:

The Course 

I’ve created a course to offer a personalized experience in which I present concepts and exercises--written and body-based--for you to apply at a tempo that’s right for you. The course follows my therapy model and allows you to engage with videos rather than just words. I will show rather than simply explain, and in some small way, you and I will get to connect. 

This course will help you:

  • More deeply and accurately understand your trauma
  • Make sense of your symptoms
  • Rebuild healthy relationships
  • Rediscover--or perhaps discover for the first time--your best sexual self 
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  • A 10 module video course following my exclusive protocol for healing
  • Video Grounding Exercises lead by me
  • Hands on worksheets and journal prompts
  • Great for both singles or those in relationships

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Therapy can cost hundreds of dollars per session - and though this isn't a replacement for therapy - it is that middle ground you've been looking for.

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A little backstory...

When I released my book Reclaiming Pleasure: A Sex Positive Guide for Moving Past Sexual Trauma and Living a Passionate Life...I knew there was so much more I couldn't get across on paper.  You need more. The book is not a pre-requisite for the course, but it's a great jumping-off point if a course feels like too much commitment.

I'm not just a mental health professional, or a talking head - I am genuinely a part of this community.  Take a listen to understand a bit of the heart and inspiration behind Reclaiming Pleasure.

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